Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Kerandoman di Malam Hari

this song reminds me a lot about my trip to wakatobi last month, when the driver played this song again and again, and he sang it loudly, and it was fun smile emoticon

when i find it on youtube and read the (translated) lyrics, it has a good meaning actually, my favorite part: 
"No No. We don't need wealth in order to increase in beauty. Our essence is here, in our hearts its shines".


Ecky Agassi said...

lo mesti denger versi yang ini

Fajrie said...

Udahhhh, bahkan beberapa kali gua setel sebelom tidur, wkwkwk *nasib jones

dea alias dey said...

jones, Houwooo jonesss~wkwkwk

Fajrie said...

bukannya dibantu ya nih temennya malah diketawain :|