Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Work Hard, Play Hard

What I love the most working in Quipper is when I have a business trip to other cities. I always took this chance to meet my friend who lived in those cities or just took a city trip. My first trip was when I gave a training in Cirebon. I met my Indonesia Mengajar's mate, Sanuri and Benny. I also visited Kraton Cirebon and of course found the local cuisine there.

 That was my first trip, after that I visited Makassar for Ambassador Meet Up. After the event, we (me and my office mate) walked along the street near Losari Beach to find Makassar culinary. I loved Makassar! There was Iga Karebosi, my favorite restaurant, i'm an iga lovers and it was really easy to find it in Makassar, and Pisang Ijo in Muda Mudi restaurant, that was the best Pisang Ijo I've ever tasted!

My friends and I took a trip to Bantimurung National Park, this place was quite popular as a kingdom of butterflies. There were some interesting objects inside the national park, we can found lake, cave, waterfall, etc. Once again, do not forget to visit Losari if you are in Makassar, especially in sunset.

I have horror moment in Bantimurung, when 3 of us taking a selfie I saw "another me" stand next to me. I saw it through the screen of the phone that we used to take selfie. I shocked and i took off my glasses right away and move before the camera capture us. My friend said, "ih kok lu bergerak si lagi difoto!" I thought the picture will be without me or if there is me, it will be blur. But as you see the picture above, there is me (and no blur) stand infront of the lake. *trus jadi gak serem klo diceritain pake bahasa inggris -_-
A month my office mate have a business trip to Makassar and they visited Bantimurung as well. The guide told them that the lake was very danger so people don't allowed to swim. So many people died in that lake, no wonder ya why i have that horror moment.

When I have a business trip to Makassar I took unpaid leave and attended my best friend's wedding in Baubau. I was so happy finally I could see him marry his special one. Hopefully I'll meet my special one soon *eeaaa. Before the wedding I took short trip to Wakatobi and have my first diving experience in the center of the world's coral triangle.

On October my office have a road show to promote our new product to schools in Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Medan, Padang, Palembang, and Bandung. I was in charge to visit Yogyakarta, Medan, and Bandung. When I was in Jogja I ask my school mate to meet; Azmy, Anin and her cute baby boy, Raka. That was a great night, meeting my high school mate is always great and special for me. Love you guys, we used to said "uhibbukum fillah" :)

Unfortunately when I visited Medan my friend who worked in Medan was not there, she was in Jakarta at that time, so I took city trip in Medan. I visited Masjid Raya Medan known as Masjid Raya Al Mashun, Istana Maimun, Rahmat International Wildlife Museum, Tjong A Fie, and I took train airport for the first time from Medan to Kualanamu. It was an exclusive train, so modern and it cost IDR 100,000/trip, quite expensive I think.

I can't forget my business trip to Bandung, my IM's mate even made a whatsap group to welcome me, lol. And finally we met in that rainy night. Always fun and lot of topic to discuss when I met Pengajar Muda, see you on top ya guys :)

I quite often visit Bandung, but in the last visit I was took to Grand Universal Hotel by my office mate. It was a nice place, and very romantic. I imagine I can visit this place sometimes later with my special one. Before that happens, I present you readers, boy band from Quipper in action :p

In the next 2 days I'm going to visit Malang and Surabaya, but since it's a quick trip I think I can't even take a city tour, and I have no friend lived or worked in Malang, so I only have a chance to find a unique culinary in Malang. Hopefully our office keep doing business trip and I have a chances to visit more cities, so I can meet my friends to silaturahim with them. Okay, it's almost 3 AM and I still keep doing this randomnes..


Ecky Agassi said...

don't forget to call me when you have business trip in Kendari jrun :D

Meiske said...

Papa Nara blognya seruuu!

Fajrie said...

@ecky: ofcourse laahhh, i'll contact you when i have business trip in Makassar as well

@cicik: thank you tante giaa~